What is a Marine Survey?

A Marine Survey is an independent evaluation of a watercraft's value and condition by a professional marine surveyor. As part of a marine survey; a watercraft's condition, boat value estimation and at times - damage assessment investigations are performed. These are just a few of the many services that fall under the broad definition of a marine survey. In its simplest terms, a marine survey can be described as any fact-finding endeavor having to do with boats.

Prior to the purchase of any watercraft, a careful inspection should precede the final purchase to authenticate the condition of the vessel. When a boat owner is required to have insurance; a boat's fair market value is normally requested to determine the boats realistic value, reflecting the conditions found. When a boat or its cargo is damaged, a marine surveyor evaluates the extent of the loss and its cause. A complete marine survey consists of: (1) Accurate and detailed description of a vessel; (2) Fair Market Valuation of a vessel; (3) List of findings and recommendations for repair.

In essence, a marine surveyor is a trained professional who acts as your eyes and ears in any assessment or investigation situation, someone who makes sure accurate information is gathered correctly and impartially. GERBER Marine Services endeavors to meet or exceed these expectations.