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Serving the Grand Traverse Area & Entire Midwest

Our goal at Gerber Marine Services is to provide you with a complete and accurate survey. We will use our extensive knowledge gained over the years in the marine industry and the standards set forth by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC).

Patrick B. Gerber, SAMS® AMS®
ABYC Standards Accredited, Principal Marine Surveyor

My fascination with both power and sail boats began as a young man on the lakes of Northern Michigan and the inland water ways and oceans off the coast of North Carolina. My interest in the marine industry began while I was in College. In the summers I worked for Doyle Sails in Traverse City, Michigan. This was a start to now having spent the last 12 years involved in the marine industry.

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Patrick Gerber surveyed a boat located 600 miles away from where my husband and I plan to sail. He was thorough, timely and very professional. We relied on his survey to make the purchase, confident that we have a boat that has been well maintained and will serve our needs well into the future.